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Year 10

The stage 4 and 5 Science syllabus is broken into four distinct fields of study: Living World (Biology), Chemical World (Chemistry), Earth and Space Science and the Physical World (Physics). Students will be introduced to each of these fields over junior years in the hope that they will go on to study one or more of them at the HSC level.


Topics studied in year 10 include: Global Systems, Objects in Motion, Chemical Reactions, Evolution, Genetics and Biotechnology, Using Chemistry, The Universe
Specifically, students will be provided with a learning experience in which they: 
  • acquire scientific knowledge and skills and develop understanding about phenomena within and beyond their experience
  • develop an appreciation of science as a human activity and apply their understanding to their everyday life.

Year 10 Sequence of Topics:

Term 1: 

1. Global Systems Global Systems (pdf 65 KB)

2. Objects in Motion Objects in Motion (pdf 75 KB)


Term 2:

1. Chemical Reactions Chemical Reactions (pdf 267 KB)

2. Evolution Evolution (pdf 58 KB)


Term 3:

1. Genetics and Biotechnology Genetics and Biotechnology (pdf 67 KB)

2. Using Chemistry Using Chemistry (pdf 70 KB)


Term 4:

1. The Universe The Universe (pdf 73 KB)

2. Pre- Preliminary 


Year 10 Assessment tasks:

Term 1. Weighting = 25%

Oral presentation


Term 2. Weighting = 25%

Mid Course Examination


Term 3. Weighting = 25%

Skills Assessment


Term 4. Weighting = 25%

Yearly examination

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