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Welfare at Concord

Welfare at Concord

All staff at Concord High School are committed to helping each student reach his or her potential, with an emphasis on the development of the whole child, not just focusing on the academic. The school's welfare structure reflects this, with support to students and parents being provided on a number of levels. The aim is for every student to feel known, valued and cared for. 

The Welfare Team meet weekly to discuss student progress and issues relating to all aspects of wellbeing needs within the school. 

The Welfare Team meet weekly to discuss student progress and issues relating to all aspects of welfare needs within the school. The Team is organised as follows:

Welfare Team 2023

Chivonne Gofers - Deputy Principal

Fiona Milligan Head Teacher Welfare

Judith Joy - Counsellor

Anne Del -Duca – Counsellor

Gokce Akin - Year 7 Year Adviser

Annie Ha - Year 7 Year Adviser

David Galea - Year 8 Year Adviser

Eliza Psaros  - Year 8 Year Adviser

Tanaya Hempstead – Year 9 Year Adviser

Dean Johnson - Year 9 Year Adviser

Fatma Bekheet - Year 10 Year Adviser

Phoebe Toner - Year 10 Year Adviser

Kathy Kalachian -  Year 11 Year Adviser

Maryanne Laggis -  Year 11 Year Adviser

Scott Morrissey - Year 12 Year Adviser

Anita Hawkins - Year 12 Year Adviser

Scott Morrissey  - Year 12 Year Adviser

Nikki Phillips - Year 12 Year Adviser


William Paling – Men's Adviser

Alanah Butler - Women's Adviser

School Nurse - Lorraine Bechara

Student Support Officer - Hannah Cheers

Year 7 Middle School Class Mentors

The Class Mentor plays a vital role in supporting, mentoring and leading the wellbeing and pastoral care of students of a particular class. Furthermore, the Class Mentor works closely with the Year Advisers, teachers and parents/guardians. The main objective of the Class Mentor is to look after the wellbeing of all students in their class and assist with initiatives that assist in their academic growth and promote student voice and student agency. The mentor teachers are the main point of contact for parents/carers and act as the liaison between parents and curriculum teachers, Head Teachers, Year Advisers and Senior Executive.

The following teachers are the class mentors for 2022.

7B: Laura Giaquinto 

7G: Phoebe Toner 

7O: Belinda Wright 

7P: Daniel Gonzalez

7R : Annie Ha

7R: David Galea 

7V: Robert Mc Dougall

7W: Annika Fawcett

7Y: Zoe Backes

Positive Behaviour for Learning


Positive behaviour for learning (PB4L) is an evidence-based whole school process to improve learning outcomes for all students

It is an internationally acknowledged behaviour and learning framework, which has been successfully implemented at Concord High School and thousands of schools throughout the world. Research shows that schools that have implemented PB4L increase student learning and maximise positive student behaviours.

PB4L ensures that decisions about school systems and practice are based on data collected on a regular basis from the school. This data guides decision-making and evaluates how well the system is working.

PB4L is a values-based system, which ensures that all students have a clear picture of what is expected of them at school. Students have the opportunity to develop positive attitudes and behaviours in order to do their best as students of our school.

Concord High Schools PB4L core values are: Respectful, Responsible, and Achieving. Our PB4L handbook has more information on how this is implemented to support our students.

Signs are placed around the school describing the expectations we have of our students in all our school settings, to keep the expectations clear and at the forefront of everyone's minds. We also have incentives to reward students who display positive behaviours.

The successful implementation of PB4L is a key target in Concord High School's school plan to ensure that the school continues to implement processes that support all students in choosing positive behaviours. PB4L allows the school community to guide students of Concord High School to becoming successful learners of our community.

Anti Bullying

View Concord High School's anti bullying plan.

CHS defines bullying as repeated behaviour where there is a deliberate intent to cause physical harm or emotional distress. These behaviours can be verbal, social, psychological or physical. They impact on the lives of the person/people being bullied, those doing the bullying and those looking on. Bullying incidents can be isolated or repeated, organised or unintentional. Bullying behaviours indicate an imbalance of power.

Values at Concord High School

Concord High School is dedicated to actively providing a safe, supportive and caring environment which promotes personal growth and positive self-esteem for all members of the school community. Bullying is not acceptable in any circumstance, and bullying behaviours will not be tolerated at Concord High School. The school rejects violence, harassment and any form of discrimination.

All individuals in the school community – students, staff, parents – have the right to a safe environment which is free of bullying. If bullied, they have the right to be provided with help and support. Staff and students who witness bullying have the responsibility to act in some way to help the victim.

As a School Community we will not allow cases of bullying to go unreported but will speak up. This is the shared responsibility of students, parents and teachers.

Wellbeing and Discipline Policy

The Concord High School’s Student Wellbeing and Discipline Policy fosters engagement in learning, sets clear limits, recognises appropriate behaviour and applies consequences for inappropriate behaviour. The Policy reflects our school’s values and is written in accordance with the Core Rules for students in NSW government schools and the Wellbeing framework.