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Parents and Citizens Association

Parents and Citizens Association

Welcome to the Concord High School Parents and Citizens Association.

Our purpose

Concord High School P&C Association and its volunteers is a group of extremely passionate parents, carers, school staff and community members who work to bring the school community together to help meet the needs of the school community and contribute to decisions about the school.

We also assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and promoting the recreation and welfare of the students at the school. The P&C offers a means of staying connected with your child, their school, and your local community.

Please consider one of the many ways to be involved

Attend meetings

Meetings are usually held on Tuesdays at 6pm two times per school term and we regularly welcome guest speakers from the school executive team and wider community.

Join our mailing list

Keep up to date with P&C news and events by signing up to the mail list via our website

Join our Facebook group

Keep updated and join the conversation.


Help improve the school and get to know other school community members by being part of one or more of our committees, writing grants for school facilities, organising social events or being part of a project reference group for specific school projects.


Our new tax-deductible building fund is a way to help make improvements to school buildings, click to donate.

For more information visit our website