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Year 7 Middle School Program

What is Middle School?

Since 2020, Concord High School has implemented the Middle School Program for Year 7 students.  This is a curriculum structure designed to support a positive transition for students from Year 6 into Year 7. 

In Year 7 you learn the following subjects- Humanities, STEM, Health, Languages, Music and Technology.

To enable a more effective primary-secondary transition, the initiatives of the Middle School program involve:

  • combining english, history and geography into a cross-curricular program called Humanities.
  • combining mathematics and science into a cross-curricular program called STEM.
  • cross-curricular programming and project-based learning experiences for Humanities and STEM.
  • a “home room” for each Year 7 class where their Humanities, STEM, Health and Languages lessons are held.
  • a Mentor Teacher (either the Humanities or STEM teacher) for each Year 7 class as the first point of contact for academic issues, wellbeing issues and pastoral care, for both students and parents.
  • a structured program of student voice, student leadership, goal setting and reflection led by Mentor Teachers.