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Science HOTS program

When you think of science, do you think of test tubes, microscopes and telescopes? Of course, these are all aspects of science, but science is so much than our conventional notions. Every time that we employ critical thinking, analyse relationships and judge data, we use the skills that are given to us by science. And science today is much broader than the traditional fields of chemistry, biology and physics.


In the three years that Ms Finlayson has been running the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) programme for science, units offered have included the Physics of Sport, Forensics and Psychology. These are all aspects of science that may not occur to us when we consider the traditional fields. 



A crime scene created for Forensics HOTS



This term, Year 8 HOTS students were given the choice of their field of science. Most chose a communication topic, with coding by far the number one choice, and sign language a close second. We look forward to helping Year 8 attain their goals here.