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GoMAD Challenge

plant a tree day  

CHS Enviro Club has entered the GoMad challenge which is based around a project for sustainable schools . 

Our challenge will be to regenerate the Wildlife Corridor we have on campus; as one of the BIGGEST silent contributors to climate change is HABITAT DESTRUCTION. 

Below are images of the current site, these will be updated as the Enviro Club progresses with the project.


fence line


Lachlan from Landcare- Canada Bay Council, visited Concord High School today to assess the area the Enviro Club is planning to establish as the Wildlife corridor that will connect various council grounds to the school grounds. Lachlan assisted the Enviro Club in establishing a start and end point for the wildlife corridor, the necessary prep work that needs to take place, the amount of plants that need to go in per meter square to ensure the corridor is of efficient density and most importantly helped develop a list of native plants that are suitable for our school environment and the fauna that live within it. 

Lachlan will be donating 50 plants to our project, as well as returning to Concord High School to assist on the planting day (28th July). 



WORKING BEE 25/05/2017

The Enviro Club members were very busy engaged in a working bee on the wildlife corridor and vegetable garden. Concord High School is extremely proud of their continued efforts, energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the project and its subsequent positive impact on the school environment.

working beee