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Year 11 Chemistry


Year 11 Sequence of Topics:

Module 1: Properties and Structure of Matter

Module 2: Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry

Module 3: Reactive Chemistry

Module 4: Drivers of Reaction 

Year 11 Assessment tasks:

Skills Assessment: practical task, in class

Term 1, Week 9. 

Weighting 30% (5% Knowledge and Understanding, 20% Working Scientifically, 5% Communication) 

First hand investigation and experimental report


Depth Study: research task, hand in

Term 2, Week 9. 

Weighting 30% (5% Knowledge and Understanding, 10% Working Scientifically, 15% Communication) 

Research, second hand investigation and report


Yearly Examination: written assessment task

Term 3, Week 10 (in allocated examination time). 

Weighting 40% (30% Knowledge and Understanding, 10% Working Scientifically) 

Formal written assessment

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