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Year 7

Yr 7  2018


SUBJECT:             ENGLISH

Course Outline

English in Year 7 is both challenging and enjoyable. Students respond to a variety of texts critically, imaginatively and interpretively and compose accurate, clear and coherent texts. They use English in personal, social and learning contexts with increasing control and understanding of the form and features of language and structures of texts, and with increasing awareness of purpose, audience and context. Students make connections between texts, they recognise the main ideas and points of view, and the ways in which texts seek to position responders. They make decisions about whether content and language are appropriate to purpose, audience and context. They can express a personal point of view, give words and images to their imaginings and compose logical argument.

Course Outcomes

A student:

EN4-1A           responds   to   and   composes   texts   for   understanding,   interpretation, critical  analysis, imaginative expression and pleasure

EN4-2A           effectively   uses   a   widening  range  of   processes,   skills,   strategies   and knowledge  for responding to and composing texts in different media and technologies

EN4-3B                   uses and describes language forms, features and structures of texts appropriate to   a range of purposes, audiences and contexts

EN4-4B           makes effective  language  choices to  creatively  shape  meaning  with  accuracy, clarity and coherence

EN4-5C           thinks imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information, ideas and arguments to respond to and compose texts

EN4-6C           identifies and explains connections between and among texts

EN4-7D           demonstrates  understanding of how  texts  can  express  aspects  of their broadening world and their relationships within it

EN4-8D           identifies, considers and appreciates cultural expression in texts

EN4-9E           uses, reflects on and assesses their individual and collaborative skills for learning

Assessment  Grid


Assessment Tasks


Weighting %

Due Date

Writing Task

(This is me) - Writing

EN4-1A, EN4-3B, EN4-4B




Term 1 Week 9

Response to film

A Hero's Journey Film Review –Viewing and Representing/Listening


EN4-2A, EN4-5C, EN4-6C




Term 2 Week 9


Adventure of English – Novel Study - Speaking

EN4-1A, EN4-7D, EN4-8D




Term 3 Week 7

Yearly Examination

(Visual Literacy) – Viewing and Representing/Listening

EN4-2A, EN4-5C, EN4-6C, EN4-9E




Term 4 Week 5

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