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Music is a mandatory subject for Stage 4 and an elective subject for Stages 5 and 6. In Stage 5, students study various genres of music to enrich their musical knowledge and to develop their interest and experience in music.  In Stage 6, Concord High students can either study Music 1 or Music 2 (with the added option of Extension 1). Music 1 is a subject that caters for students with a contemporary background and interest. It allows the students the flexibility to choose from three electives (Performance, Composition and Musicology). Music 2 and Extension 1 are programmes that cater for students who want to explore various musical periods at an advanced level.

Units of Work:


Stage 4:  (Year 7 and 8)

  • T1 - Drum-kit and percussion skills
  • T2 – Guitar Skills
  • T3 – Keyboard Skills
  • T4 – Ensemble skills


Stage 5:

(Year 9)

  • T1 – Blues and Early Rock
  • T2 – Music Through the Ages
  • T3 – Music in the Media
  • T4 – World Music


(Year 10)

  • T1 –  Classical Gas
  • T2 – Small Ensembles
  • T3 – Special Project


Stage 6:

(Year 11)

  • T1 - Popular Music
  • T2 – Instrument and its Repertoire
  • T3 – Small Ensembles


(Year 12)

  • T4 -  Music for Radio, Film, Television and Multimedia
  • T1 – Music of the 20th and the 21st Century
  • T2 – Instrument and its Repertoire (Detailed Study)
  • T3 – Preparation for HSC/ HSC examination



Concord High Concert Band enjoys an enthusiastic membership of around 20 to 25 students who rehearse each Wednesday afternoon in preparation for performances at school assemblies and other school community gatherings.  The band plays a variety of musical styles such as old English folk tunes to band arrangements for modern rock and musicals.

The band is busy building its repertoire with a view to expanding its performing opportunities outside of the school such as band competitions and other community events.

The primary goal of the concert band is to give students a forum to develop their musicianship in a welcoming and encouraging environment.  The band enjoys the membership of students of varying ability from beginners to students involved in regional band organisations.

Concord High School Concert Band practising



Concord High String Ensemble was established 3 years ago with the intention of giving students of string instruments the opportunity to develop their ensemble skills in a positive atmosphere of encouragement regardless of their current ability.

The ensemble currently boasts double bass, cello and violins giving students an invaluable experience in developing intonation and sight reading ability. We play a variety of repertoire to reinforce the musical skills of students across a range of classical genres.

The string ensemble rehearses each Thursday morning and is looking forward to performing within and outside the school environment in the near future.

The Concord High String Ensemble is determined to produce great performances and work diligently to execute this for every performance.


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