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In year 8 we continue on with an equal balance of theory and practical lessons. There are a variety of topics covered including drug use, respectful relationships, mental health and nutrition. Students throughout these units are able to explore these concepts, giving them the necessary tools and information to make positive decisions regarding their health.



Unit 1 - Risky Business (Tobacco/alcohol/cannanis)

In this unit students will explore the risks associated with three drugs that are used by some young people – tobacco, alcohol and cannabis. They will investigate prevalence and patterns of use of these drugs by young people and consider the accuracy of perceptions about how commonly these drugs are used by adolescents. They will discuss how these perceptions influence young people's attitudes towards drugs and explore other factors that may influence young people's decision to smoke or drink. They will learn about the short and long term effects of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use on people's health and wellbeing as well as the legal and economic consequences that young people may face if they use these drugs. They will explore how the impact of drug use can vary according to the person, the drug and the environment in which it is used and determine the potential for harm in a variety of situations that young people may encounter. They will practise using refusal skills to respond to an offer to use drugs and propose a range of appropriate strategies that can be used to reduce the risk of harm in situations when others use drugs, including situations when someone has passed out needs first aid.


Unit 2 - Respectful Relationships

In this unit students explore the qualities of caring and respectful relationships and learn to recognize signs and feelings that indicate that a relationship is an abusive, unhealthy one. They will particularly look at behaviours that young people may potentially experience that are considered forms of sexual harassment and examine what constitutes unsafe and abuse behaviour in online relationships. They will learn about basic safety tips to protect themselves when socialising online from unwanted, inappropriate and unsafe content and avoid online predators. They will develop skills to challenge abuses of power and to help them response to situations where their personal safety may be at risk.


Unit 3 - R U OK? (Mental Health)

In this unit students will review the nature of health, particularly focusing on mental health. They will examine factors that support positive mental health for young people and consider the importance of staying connected with others for people's general health and wellbeing. They will reflect on the potential impact that their behaviour and language can have on their own mental health and the mental health of others. Students will propose ways they can support the mental health of others and help them to feel OK. They will identify people that can provide them with help and support at times when they don't feel OK. They will also explore the services and resources available to inform and support young people's mental health (eg Kidshelpline, Reachout and Headspace) in order to assess the credibility, relevance and usefulness of these resources for young people.


Unit 4 - My Life, My Choices (Heatlhy Food Habits)

In this unit students explore the impact that their current lifestyle choices have on their health in the future. They begin by exploring the factors that they can/can't control in relation to their health, developing an understanding of the importance of making positive health choices. The main focus of this unit will be on healthy food habits with students reviewing the dietary guidelines recommended for young people. They will design a realistic meal plan reflecting healthy food habits and become critical thinkers in reading food labels and understanding advertising. They will also examine sexual health behaviours, looking at the impact of their choices and the ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections and blood born viruses now and in future. 



Unit 1 - Gymnastics - jumping and landing

Unit 2 - Athletics

Unit 3 - Invasion and Indigenous Games - decision making

Unit 4 - Moving and Grooving - creative dance

Unit 5 - Striking Games - finding and using space

Unit 6 - Net and Court Games - skills and tactics