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Media Industry Studies-Journalism  - A unique elective course for Year 9 and 10 students  

This diverse course examines a number of aspects of the media including:
Print journalism – students study the structure of news stories and learn the skills necessary to produce hard and soft news stories as well as feature articles.
Production - students write, proof read, design and edit a quarterly 16 page newspaper which is distributed to 15,000 houses in the Concord local area.
Photography – students study different styles of photography and develop skills to take creative and publishable photographs.
Radio – Students produce their own radio program and submit their programs to U20 Radio, an online youth radio station.
Film – students learn about film techniques and the construction of a film and use their skills to produce a promotional film on Concord High School.
Advertising – students study the various methods and strategies of advertising and produce their own advertisements.