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Visual Arts


Visual Arts
is a Mandatory subject in Stage 4 and an Elective in Stages 5 & 6.
Concord High School also offers Photography as an Elective in Stages 5 & 6.

We offer a rich program that allows students to gain experience in a range of 2D, 3D and 4D practices using industry standard equipment and technology including the use of both Mac and PC operating systems.

Our faculty provides excellent opportunities for all students to achieve success at both junior and senior levels across the state. W
e challenge our gifted and talented students to achieve success and encourage their participation in extracurricular courses to further their skills. These include: ArtSmart Workshop, National Art School HSC Intensive Studio Practice, Sydney University Interactive Digital Design Challenge, Dobell Drawing School etc.

Our ‘Art & Photography Club' is on the way and will be commencing from Term 1, 2012

Concord High has:
 Two Visual Arts rooms
 One Photography room with Mac Computers
 One Senior Visual Arts Studio exclusively for HSC students to develop their bodies of work
-  Wet Photography Darkroom
-  Kiln room
-  Visual Arts common room which serves as a changing exhibition space



At Concord High School we use a thematic approach in programming as a vehicle for teaching students about art practices, the frames and the conceptual framework.  Programs and units of work have been specifically developed to accommodate to the needs and interests of all our students, catering to all students from ESL to gifted and talented.

Visual Arts


50% Practical, 50% Theory

70% Practical, 30% Theory

Stage 4: Year 7-8 Mandatory

·         Portraiture: Drawing/Printmaking

·         Gargoyles, Goblins & Beasties: Ceramics

·         Places & Spaces: Painting/ Drawing





Stage 5: Year 9-10 Elective

·         Urban Decay: Streets to Studio; Painting Studio

·         Discovering Atlantis: Design/ Ceramics

·         The Art of Fear: Drawing /Printmaking

·         Emotions & Sensations: 2D/4D Studio

·         Myths & Legends: 3D/4D Studio

·         Curate & Create: Curatorial & Open Studio


Stage 5: Photography and Digital Imaging (Yr9-10)

·         Hollywood & Rock Stars: Wet Photography

·         Fairytales Surrealism: Digital Imaging

·         Junior Tropfest: Video

·         Plastic Fantastic: Claymation Music Video

·         This Is Australia: Wet Photography

·         Do You See What I See?: Digital Imaging

Stage 6: Preliminary & HSC

·         Intro to Art Practice & History/ Criticism

·         The Art of Appropriation: 2D/4D studio

·         The Art of Activism: Collection of Works

·         HSC Body of Work: Individual projects


Stage 6: Photography, Video & Digital Imaging (Yr11-12)

·         The Art of Composition: Wet Photography

·         The Art of Persuasion: Digital Imaging

·         The Art of Entertainment: Video

·         Horrors & Haunting: Wet Photography

·         Locate, Situate, Speculate: Digital Imaging

·         Collected Curiosities: Collection of Works

·         Major Work: Individual projects

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