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Uniform shop

Uniform shop


Current students

Current students are able to purchase uniforms before school, recess and lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. Alternatively, they can order online.

Parents of enrolling students

Due to COVID-19 please book an appointment to have uniforms fitted. Please ensure that you are on time to assist us maximise available appointments. A google account is required to book, NSW Department of Education students have google accounts, for those parents that do not. 

It is highly recommended that students attend the appointment with one parent/ carer to maintain social distancing rules.

Online orders

Please email your completed order form to the school at

School uniform

The school community of Concord High School endorses, supports and expects students to be in uniform.

In endorsing the wearing of uniform by all students in the school, we recognise the principles of equity and safety for all students.

Uniform is an important part of the development of the school as it presents the first (and often lasting) impression people form about the school and its students. We want our students to be seen in a positive way. There are a number of specific advantages uniform gives to students and parents.

It provides security in the sense of easily identifying where students come from should there be an accident or incident. It certainly allows identification of people who do not belong in the school.

Economically it presents a better alternative to buying brand names and the demand to continually upgrade to the latest trends and fads. It thus ensures greater equity for all.

The uniform promotes a sense of common purpose, consistency and unity in the daily activities of students. Wearing it develops pride in achievement and the school, which helps to establish the culture of the school.

Much time and effort has gone into designing and making available a uniform which is attractive, practical and comfortable for students. Financial assistance may be available for families who need it to enable all to access the uniform. (Please inquire at the office. Your situation will be handled with discretion). We therefore expect all families to support the wearing of the uniform in a proper and respectful manner. This includes wearing hard leather black shoes throughout the year and the school tie in winter (Terms 2 and 3 for male students). The full PE uniform is also to be worn for PE lessons and representative sporting commitments. The uniform is described in the Student Information booklet.

In enrolling your child at Concord High School, you are acknowledging your awareness of the commitment of the school to its uniform and undertake to support the school in supplying the uniform to your child and insisting on them wearing it consistently.

Any student who is out of uniform must follow these procedures:

  • Bring a note of explanation signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Hand the note to the Side Office administration staff before school.
  • A uniform slip will be issued.
  • A lunchtime detention will occur for any students out of uniform

Any student who is out of uniform without a note will be recorded and issued a slip. This will incur a lunchtime detention. The third infringement will lead to a letter home and further consequences.


  • Junior knee-length check skirt in charcoal grey, green and gold
  • Senior knee-length pin-striped skirt in charcoal grey, green and gold
  • Charcoal grey shorts
  • Charcoal grey trousers
  • White crew socks (summer)
  • Black tights (winter)
  • White blouse with piped, rounded collar and school emblem
  • V-necked knitted jumper with emblem OR
  • Sleeveless green knitted vest with emblem
  • Optional Charcoal grey scarf
  • Optional Green blazer with emblem
  • Optional school charcoal grey cap with school initials (caps are not to be worn indoors)
  • Black leather lace-up shoes (closed-in, hard leather - no joggers)
  • Optional soft shell jacket


  • Charcoal grey shorts or charcoal grey trousers
  • White crew socks
  • White shirt with school emblem
  • School tie (Terms 2 and 3)
  • Green V-neck knitted jumper with emblem or sleeveless green knitted vest with emblem
  • Optional green blazer with emblem
  • Optional charcoal grey scarf
  • Optional School charcoal grey cap with school initials (caps are not to be worn indoors)
  • Black leather lace-up shoes (closed-in, hard leather - no joggers)
  • Optional soft shell jacket

Sports uniform (unisex)

  • Black PE shorts with school emblem
  • Yellow polo shirt with school emblem
  • White crew socks
  • Runners
  • School tracksuit with school emblem

Representative sporting members may wear school tracksuit top when representing the school at sporting events

Students should come to school in school uniform each day and change for sport or PE.


Mary Jane styles, open-topped and shoes with heels for girls, are not acceptable for work health and safety reasons.

Minimal jewellery (watch, small earrings, flat ring, chain necklace worn inside blouse).

Makeup is unnecessary at school.